Semi-Private Chocolate Workshop



A Class for students with experience working with Chocolate: A real focus on creativity, more advanced techniques, intricate decorations, complex flavor combinations: really taking chocolate Bonbons to a new level.

The students will learn as well how to create and balance their own ganache recipes to have a long shelf life. And the last day of Class each student will have to develop their own Bonbon for an test we will do where we analyze together each step of the process and determined as a group how successful it was.

An amazing variety of molded bonbons, enrobed bonbons and dessert bars will be made during this four day Class.

September 18 - 20 / 2017 FULL
Melissa Coppel
Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America 2016
Cacao Barry Ambassador USA
Chocolatier of the Year 2013