VIENNOISERIE by Johan Martin

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VIENNOISERIE by Johan Martin

Johan shares his passion of pastry and bakery through his creations, using the basic fundamentals of the French grand classics. He loves bringing up to dates by playing with the different flavors, the textures, the colors, the shapes and the decoration. Through this Class you will enjoy making new recipes for the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds.

August 30- September 1 2019
Johan Martin
« Future Talent for the French Pastry » according to Chef Christophe Michalak.
Published Signature: Entremets & Petits gateaux, in 2017 and Top Dessert in 2012.
Silver medal in Sugar show piece and Entremets category during the French team selection for pastry world cup in 2013.
Vice champion of Artistic Sugar Competition, in Lyon, 2007.
Assistant for winning team, France, in the Pastry World Cup 2006.

Instagram: johanmartinofficial