Gelato Ice Cream and Plated Desserts

Riva & Lara-02

With a focus on Japanese Ingredients

A wonderful Class where student will have the opportunity to learn from two amazing Chefs who have a very different Pastry approach: lighter textures low in sugar, unique flavor combinations using asian ingredients, contemporary techniques, a fresh look to what Pastry should be nowadays.
A variety of gateau de voyage, verrines, entremets, frozen desserts and petits gateaux will be made during this four day Class.


September 11 - 14 / 2018
Gabriele Riva
Artist and Chocolatier
Cacao Barry Ambassador USA
Gelato and Mochi Expert Owner-Vero Gelato | Las Vegas
Andres Lara
Regional Cacao Barry Chef for Asia Pacific

Price:  $1300